Alfa Romeo News – Alfa Romeo Giulietta may use Engine from 4C coupe

A hot hatch version of the 5-door Giulietta hatchback could be on its way if Alfa Romeo decides  to utilize the engine from its 2 door sport coupé the 4C. The model, which may be designated ‘GTA’ would replace the fastest model in the Giulietta line up, the 232bhp 1750 TBi Cloverleaf.

The 1,750 cc engine used in the 4C is the same capacity as in the Giulietta but is all aluminium and is 22kgs lighter, has direct injection and produced more power and torque at the top end. Along with some other minor modifications, the 0-62mph time could drop below 6.5 seconds if used in the Giulietta.

Also borrowed from the 4C is the six-speed twin clutch transmission, which would promise quick shifting times and a lower sprint to 62mph. It is unlikely that we would see a manual version as there are no plans to produce a manual 4C.

European head of Product Marketing Alberto Cavaggioni has said he has been testing a ‘powerful new prototype’ along side an Audi S3 and Mercedes A45 AMG. This points to something with a good deal of power if Alfa Romeo are gunning for the kind of performance figures the German cars are achieving. The car may even have more power than the 4C to counteract the Giulietta’s excess weight. We will have to wait for more information to be revealed before we can make any concrete conclusions, but who doesn’t want another fast Alfa Romeo, especially one with the GTA moniker.



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