Alfa Romeo News – Alfa Romeo ‘Spider’ Test Mule Spotted in North America

An MX-5 Mk3 bodied test mule was spied in North America, testing what is believed to be an Alfa Romeo engine. The first step towards the new Alfa Romeo ‘Spider’ and Mazda MX-5.

A deal was signed earlier in the year saying that the new Alfa Romeo roadster would be built on the Mazda platform. The test mule was spotted running what is believed to be the 1750 TB engine from the flagship 4C, which makes 237 bhp. With an estimated kerb weight of less than 1000kg and the twin clutch TCT gearbox, the ‘Spider’ should not be far behind the 4C in terms of performance. Although I can’t see Alfa Romeo allowing a much cheaper car to encroach on its halo model, there are rumours that the 4C will be updated to keep it at the top of its class, with more potent models in the pipeline as well.

Auto Express reports that there will be a variety of engines for those that don’t want extreme performance. The 1.4 litre TB MultiAir in two states of tune, likely to be also fitted with a six-speed manual gearbox. The 4C does not have a manual transmission, so it would be unlikely that Alfa Romeo would attach one in the ‘Spider’.

Both cars will be built in the Hiroshima plant in Japan in 2015 and will likely start from around £20,000.



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