Alfa Romeo News – Alfa Romeo’s New SUVs

The Wall Street Journal reports that “Fiat SpA is considering producing two sport-utility vehicles under the Alfa Romeo brand and shifting the production of Lancia’s Ypsilon back to Italy from Poland, a person familiar with the situation said Monday.”

If the report is true, a large SUV would be produced by Alfa Romeo at its Mirafiori factory in Turin, a smaller SUV would also be produced, but at the Melfi plant in southern Italy.

Fiat Chief Executive, Sergio Marchionne has said that he will provide a ‘full’ industrial plan in April. Mr. Marchionne has said that he will focus on Fiat’s premium Italian brands to return them to profitability and higher production levels.

He also added that the top Fiat dealers in the United States of America, would receive the first batch of Alfa Romeo 4Cs when they arrived in the US in Spring. This is the first model to return to the US since 1995, another model will begin sales in the US in 2015.



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