Grab the opportunity of China market


Nowadays the global climate is getting worse and worse. The UN is to publish the most exhaustive examination of climate change science to date, predicting dangerous temperature rises. How hot will it get in our lifetime?

l  Temperatures have risen about 0.75c since the industrial revolution.

l  In the next fifty years, temperature will keep rising form 2~4c, depends on our effort and how “sensitive” the climate turns to be.

l  By the end of our life, warming could have reached 4.7c above preindustrial levels. A 4c rise was enough to transform the planet since the last ice age.

When it comes to global warming, there are seven big contributors: the United States, China, Russia, Brazil, India, Germany and the United Kingdom. The environment of the big markets is getting warm but we have to sale our products to them.

We can’t loss the big seven, especially the China market…

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