VW  has become an international brand name and long been associated with its legendary offering the beetle. It has since moved on by offering a range of car in the mid size and entry level luxury segments. It successful models over the year have been Golf, Passat and the New Beetle. The company has had limited success with its high end offering Phaeton. The newly introduced SUVs have still not caught the buyer’s imagination. VW is present globally with a wide variety of model but it mostly focuses on creating model that can be globally used with minor modification for specific market requirements.



VW Beetle is automotive legend and it surely has the advertisement campaign designed by the American agency DDB. VW American print ad campaign created history when the company started to advertise in products with a honest opinion rather than making a hyperbole statement as done by other car manufactures. The costumers liked the honest advert and it about time they become a rage driven sales to new heights. The legacy of this style of advertisement still remains in the present campaign where VW presents its product in a simple and intriguing style. VW ad campaigns have won numerous awards over the year  and this has helped it create a brand loyalty .

The Power of German Engineering

VW pride itself of its German heritage and the rich engineering background associated with it. VW’s have been ahead with its superior build quality amongst rival. It’s specially has been very popular with the diesel buyers. Turbocharged Direct injection delivery refine power even at low revs and has set exceptionally high standards in fuel economy while maintain low emission standards. VW offers reliable up to date technology in the mass market. Over the year VW has created a very strong image of reliability around its model, the customers are more than will to pay an extra premium to this very fact in acquiring a VW.   


 Rahil Rupawala



Engines of Change by Paul Ingrassia



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