Keeping innovation like the Lotus used to be


During the past glory time, Lotus always played as a high-tech role in the industry, especially in the part of material using. And it was always pure, the purpose is quite clear, to make a fast racer with great handling. Engineer said we don’t have that good engine to compare with Boxter, Ok, let’s try to make it lighter. It’s a compromise, but don’t forget your goal, to make a fast racer.
Look at the most advanced BMW i3&i8, the concept and strategy is the same as Elise, light weight, carbon fiber, aluminum, reduce parts, aerodynamic. Let’s have a look at this video, the process of the carbon fiber frame.

There are four key steps of making a single carbon fiber frame parts.
Step01 Heating & carbonization: To make the polypropylene fiber turns into carbon fiber. The white fiber became yellow and then black, then you get the carbon fiber.

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