SEAT- Best Sales 2013

On 11th of November 2013 Seat recorded 38,871 new models registered in dealership throughout the UK surpassed last year’s record sales of 38,798.

Year 2013 for SEAT was the fifth consecutive sales improvement year in UK with total of 45,312 cars registered with a 16.8% improvement by selling 6,514 more than year 2012.

Market share up to 2.0%, from 1.9% in 2012 – another record for SEAT UK.Best annual sales ever for both Leon and Ibiza in the UK. News comes as SEAT Leon and Alhambra both pick up awards from CarBuyer.

Seat’s world wide sales rise by 10.6% than in year 2012 and recorded 355,000 vehicles registered highest figures in 5 years.

In Western Europe SEAT’s 9.1% of increase in sales took lead above all other brands with greatest growth. SEAT sold 273,200 vehicles, 23,500 more than in 2012.

In Germany it delivered 76,600 vehicles, a 20.3% increase over the year 2012. It is the fastest growing brand in Germany and has placed amongst the top 10 selling brands.

In Spain SEAT increased its sales by 6.0% a total of 58,900 cars registered.

SEAT ended 2013 with record sales in other markets like Switzerland and Denmark with total of 6,300; +37.6% and total of 8,300 units; +5.2%, amongst other European markets.

SEAT seized opportunities outside Europe with 13.0% growth in sales around North Africa, Middle East and Mexico with total of 64,600 units.




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