SEAT- Competitors

The top competitors for SEAT S.A. globally are:

  • Renault: Renault has been one of the top competitors ass the company produces cars from the similar segment as of the SEAT and there has always been comparison between them depending on the design and performance. In today’s world of hot hatchbacks they are very similar into performance, so they have to put more efforts making a best designed car from its body to interior. As Renault’s major sales is in Europe which is SEAT’s major market area too will be always competitors.
  • Peugeot S.A.: Peugeot makes cars and light commercial vehicles under the Peugeot and Citroen brands. Peugeot is among the top manufacturers in European passenger car and commercial vehicle sales. Hence it is also acts as a competitor for SEAT into European markets.
  • FIAT S.p.A.: FIAT as being the ex- partner has always been competitors as FIAT and SEAT later used to produce the same segment of cars almost the same design what SEAT used to produce under FIAT. As both the manufacturer majorly concentrate on making small cars, hatchbacks and family cars there is always competition. FIAT also owns Alfa Romeo which produces cars under the same segment is a threat for SEAT’s models.



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