Seat – Strength & Weaknesses


Design- Seat started designing cars jointly with Italdesign, Karmann and Porsche. From then the SEAT Models were designed to look Stylish and Sporty from the outside as well as from inside, and attract the younger consumers and to be sold at a considerable price.

Performance- SEAT cars have been powered with Volkswagen technology responsible for the High performance delivered. Advantage of SEAT was it sells a High performance car in a reasonable price-tag.

Low cost- SEAT sells low cost high performance cars to the market as their whole principle was to sell cheap cars but but high amount of cars, and until now they are following their principle which has helped them so far.

Volkswagen Platform- SEAT designs and produces its models based on Volkswagen platform. The advantage for SEAT is, they do not waste money and time to build its own platform as it shares Volkswagen platform and SEAT have to design based on that platform.

Environment Caring- SEAT has recently installed solar PV panels on the roofs of their production plant in Martorell which help to reduce the use of conventional energy by 25%. SEAT being environment friendly reduced the use of road transport and replacing it with rail links. SEAT also working on their recent project of eco-friendly cars named Ecomotive which will produce green cars for the future.


Sales network- SEAT has a limited sales network around Europe and they have not widen their global network in past years.

SUV- SEAT has been producing hatchbacks, family car, MPV’s but have brought only one SUV into the market, it is likely to increase their sales if they do introduce more SUV’s into the market. Recently a concept was launched named SEAT IBX8 based on VW’s MQB platform, hope this helps them increase their sales further.



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