SsangYong mixes up the competition

SsangYong taking the fight to South Korean giants Kia & Hyundai


Image taken from, (SsangYong Korando vs. Hyundai ix35,, illus)

The Korean brand known as SsangYong started out life by producing trucks, buses and special purpose vehicles on a small scale. The company has since been transformed into the major brand globally recognised today specialising in SUV’s. With models that include the Acyton, Kyron, Rexton, Rodius/Stavic and the luxurious Chairman sedan, SsangYong has positioned itself as a major competitor within the automotive industry.

SsangYong is the smallest Korean automaker behind the likes of Kia and Hyundai which are both globally recognised. [1]

So how does the ‘two dragons’ (SsangYong Translated) compare with its two major competitors?

An interesting study published by ADAC, AutoMarxX shows a brand ranking chart that lists the top 33 automotive brands in regards to, ‘brand image, market strength, customer satisfaction, product strength, environmental performance and safety’ in the year 2013. [2]

The interesting analysis of this brand ranking chart shows that SsangYong did not make it into the top 33. However, Hyundai and Kia, the two major competitors ranked 19th and 20th respectively. This is a clear indication that SsangYong is not considered a major threat to the likes of Kia and Hyundai as it not even recognised as being within the top 33 automotive brands.

With all the investment pumped into the company by Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, it could be assumed that the brand is way of its target of being a major player in the global market.

In terms of global sales for 2013, there is no surprise in the results as SsangYong still remains the third wheel playing catch-up with both Kia and Hyundai who remain the major South Korean powerhouses within the automotive industry.

The results for the global sales for the South Korean manufacturers was issued in a report taken from, In this report it states that the top 5 South Korean car manufacturers sold a combined 8.61 million vehicles in 2013 which represents an increase of 5% from the previous year.

Hyundai accounted for 55% of the total global sales with a total of 4,721,156 units, cementing its status as the top automaker coming out of South Korea. The Kia brand accounted for 33% of the total global sales with a total of 2,827,321 units. On the other hand, SsangYong sold only just 145,649 units, a mere spec compared to the two South Korean giants however, the total global sales for 2013 show a staggering increase of 20.7% from 2012. This shows that although SsangYong is many miles away from being the top competitor within the South Korean auto industry, it is on the right track to follow in the success in the magnitude of both Kia and Hyundai. [3]

Maybe one day we will witness SsangYong on the top spot as everything is possible for this newly revived brand.

By Parvinder Perry Singh




[1]: SsangYong Motor Company Competition,

[2]: ADAC-AutomarxX Brand Ranking, 2013

[3]: Tony Pugliese, SOUTH KOREA: Top five sold 8.61m vehicles in 2013,, Jan 2014


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