VW Golf All New People’s Car


The Golf was VW answer for the new generation of people car. Even when the popularity of the beetle reached a pinnacle VW was actually selling outdated water cooled vehicle. It soon recognized the need to introduce a technical advanced car that would continue the legacy of the company. VW Golf was introduced in 1974 since then it has become a segment leader and sold more than 30 million units worldwide. It is the highest selling car in Europe. In Germany it has remained the top selling model since more than 30 years. Golf is the most successful automobile ever produce. Currently in its 7th generation Golf has dominates the car market ever since its introduction. It largely attracts buyers with its reliable build quality and a range of efficient petrol as well as diesel engines. With the introduction of a more powerful version of the regular hatchback VW Golf GTi started a trend of hot hatch where a more powerful and a sportier version of the regular model were introduced. The GTi model became a raging success with enthusiast looking for some extra performance than regular models.  The initial model of the Golf was designed by the legendary Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro.


The seventh generation Golf was introduced in at the 2012 Paris Auto Show. The new Golf makes an evolutionary leap over the previous model. It is now based on the VW revolutionary MQB platform. It is larger than the outgoing model but weight less by a 100 kgs. The 7th generation Golf won the Car of the Year 2013 awards. The new model retains all the desirable qualities of previous generation while improving upon safety, fuel efficiency and comfort. The cabin is roomy and the overall quality is of material used is excellent. It has updated the electronic technology with active safety features and a new updated ESP stability control system. The new Golf features active braking, driver  fatigue detection, lane departure assist and adaptive cruise control. It will also feature VW latest ACT deactivation system which turns off cylinders at low speed for better fuel economy.

A new all electric version of the Golf known as the e-Golf was launched at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto show.



VW Golf: Five Generations of Fun by Richard Copping








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