Mercedes-Benz: Active Blind Spot Assist

No one can see what it going on behind their back, but the danger can happened everywhere. As the statistics show, every year, around 9,500 serious road accidents in Germany caused by traffic behind when driver changing lanes or cut across too soon.

300px-A-pillar_blind-spots The picture shows an A-pillar blind spot

A blind spot in a vehicle is an area that cannot be observed by the driver, which primarily determined by a vehicle’s design. It may occur both in front and behind the driver, by A-pillar, side-view mirror, pillars, headrests, and even the passengers and logo.


As the picture shows, the blue car can see the green car in both its side-view mirror, and interior rear-view mirror, but can’t see the red car. The potential danger is behind. Mercedes-Benz’s active blind spot assist has been developed to solve this circumstance. It has short-range radar sensors on both side of the rear bumpers to monitor the area both alongside and behind the car.

If it detects a car moving towards from a parallel lane, a warning lamp in the exterior mirror will remind you. Then the driver still fail to notice the warning signal, it will flash and then come along with a warning signal sounds. This moment, the car comes dangerously close to another car, just a short distance away on the opposite side. Then the active blind spot assist will intervene, by adapt its braking accordingly. Via the electronic stability program ESP, it may help you avoid a collision.


Need to say, the brake actuation functions well between the 30 to 200 km/h. And the active blind spot assist must with the electronic stability program ESP on.


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