Mercedes-Benz: Attention Assist System

Safety is the first priority when people buy cars. Today, a Mercedes-Benz offers technology to make an accident less severe, less damaging, or even less likely. The safety first of Mercedes-Benz creates loads of innovation in occupant protection and accident avoidance.

Mercedes company is so considerate for its driving safety from every aspect. From a alarm vibration of the steer wheel to remind people drifting out of the line, to detect a drowsiness driving, the measurement not only keep an eye to avoid potential danger driving but also have instant reaction towards accident. Now we have a detail look through its attention assist technology.


Even driving M’s car is the most comfortable thing in the world, long journey driving can also bring about driver fatigue. Even a moment distraction can lead to life changing, drowsiness in the high speed road is truly a dangerous and unavoidable thing. Studies show that, after 4hours of none stop driving, driver’s reaction time can be up to 50 percent slower. And the rise increase after more time non-stop driving.

The attention assist system functions at taking note on the the first minutes of driving parameters, recording the driving habit and then monitoring the steering wheel movements and the steering speed. Then the data is continuously compared with the current steering behaviour. Need to say, the system is active at speeds of between 80 and 180 km/h.

As the journey continue, the drivers attention level falls. When a drowsiness driving happened, some false steering happened. Usually it’s corrected soon. The detecter then compared with the usual driving data to judge, some exterior factors will expect as the side wind, unevenness of the road on so on. If it continues detecting a fatigue driving for a long time, it will set up a navigation to the nearest rest area urge the driver to rest.

This function is also applied in the newly Mercedes-Benz safety truck. The commercial vehicles is usually heavy and big. Once a drowsiness driving happened, the consequence is hard to imagine. As Mercedes-Benz often set a standard that all automobiles eventually follow, we hope one day this technology can applied to every car to avoid the potential danger driving.

E-Klasse Attention Assist (W212) 2008


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