Mercedes-Benz: BlueEfficiency

“Long a ago, the street was packed with horses, producing million pounds of emissions everyday(the horse feces). Experts stated the city was buried. However, our company founders had an idea,a changed the way we move forever.(the first three wheeled, self-propelled “Motorwagen”) Today, a new problem, millions of cars are producing millions of pounds of CO2. It is time for our next great idea. Our aim is the emissions-free mobility and we are on the way of BlueEfficiency. Now available at 85 Mercedes Benz models”

—–Blue Efficiency

Nowadays, the eco-friendly drivers aren’t just green these days, but can also be blue. As with VW’s Bluemotion and BMW’s EfficientDynamics technology, cleaner and more efficiency motoring is the pursuit for all car manufactures. Since the first car, Mercedes-Benz has set the pace for what all cars might someday become. This brand never fails in fuel saving field too, not just with cleaner, but also more efficient power.

Mercedes blue efficiency models dramatically cut the fuel consumption and emissions by less rolling resistance, aerodynamic drag, weight saving measures, optimising engine technology and better energy management, however, without compromising its performance. As the top gear program taking the E-class, the E250 CDI as an example, it dispatches 0-62mph in 8.2 seconds and returns 47.1 mpg on the combined cycle. And it is clean at CO2 emission at 154g/km and the tax is only 150 pound a year.

The blue efficiency models are built with an aluminum space-frame chassis that reduce the weight of the weight of the car using tubular struts that are lightweight while maintain the rigidity for the chassis.

But not only for the chassis, the engineers also produce lightweight forged wheels along with improved firewall insulation. This meticulous practice of weight reduction has achieved more than 30% weight saving in certain models. It also places a plastic membrane that absorb wind noise between glass panels of its windshields in order to applied a thinner windscreen, which save a further 1.2 kilograms again.


The aerodynamic can have a great effect on its economy, that is why it becomes an integral part of any car’s development progress. In its blue efficiency models, it features a radiator shutter that opens and closes according to the engine loading, functioning in reduction the aerodynamic drag caused by the radiator, other technology including a partially covered grille, underbody cladding and a streamlined design, which contributes to the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the car.

In terms of lower its rolling resistance, we firstly explain what is that. The rolling resistance occurs when a tyre rolls over undulating surfaces, deformities develop over time, which tend to have a braking effect on the car. With light weight tyres and multi-layered mesh of high strength steel, it is able to retard the rate of distortion, contributing to fuel economy.



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