Mercedes-Benz: Lane Keeping Assist

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, the 37% of transportation fatalities in USA are caused by running off from the road. (Figure 1)


Lane keeping assist increases the driving safety. It warns you leaving the lane unintentionally. There are two main types of systems: lane departure warning, LDW and lane keeping system, LKS. It is first developed by the United States for Mercedes Actors commercial trucks in 2000.

It is first available on family car Nissan Motors Cima in Japan, in 2001. Just until 2009, Mercedes-Benz began the lane keeping assist function on its E-class. However, it began late bur never fall behind others, in 2013 on the redesigned S-class Mercedes began distronic plus with steering assist and stop&go pilot, which make the lane keeping assist function to its best.

The lane keeping assist for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars not only warning driver of the potential danger driving, but also take corrective measures automatically via electronic stability program ESP.

A camera in the inside of the windscreen films the markings on the pavement as you drive. An electronic control unit keep recording of the camera data and the driving habit in order to decide whether the lane change is intentional or not. If the control unit detects the vehicle has left the lane intentionally or unintentionally. According to the driving habit data bases, there is no warning if, the driver accelerates before overtaking, joining a motorway, or steers into a bend.


If the system determines it is unintentionally, it firstly has a vibration on the steering wheel to send alert to driver, which proved to be an efficient way to prompting the driver to counter steer. And the advanced active technology can apply the brakes on one side of the vehicle, to lead you back into your own lane again.

In addition to this, lane keeping assist operates at speeds of between 60 and 250 km/h.


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