Mercedes-Benz: Magic Body Control

Video is about the newly Mercedes Benz S-Class magic body control. The chicken are just naturally able to keep its head steady no matter how its body is moved around. It is clucking awesome ad to explain its “magic body control” active suspension system, which now is nearing two million click on YouTube. So what is the magic body control?

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the world’s first car capable of detecting the road and set up the active suspension in advance. It has a stereo camera positioned behind the windscreen to scan the road. “It measures the road up to 15 metres in front of the vehicle and with a height measurement accuracy of more than around 3 millimetres”, explains Stefan Cytrynski.

Together with calculating the best control strategy for unevenness in the road, its hydraulic Active Body Control suspension have done a significant job to reduce vehicle movements by increase or decrease the load on each wheel. As its official website puts it, “the four spring struts are fitted with hydraulic cylinders to enable the force in each spring strut to be adjusted individually.”and”the vertical, rolling and pitching movements to which the body can be subjected are almost completely compensated for.”.

“We want to make it possible for drivers to feel as little of the road surface as possible, if that is what they want.”, says Cytrynski. In that way, the suspension can be optionally adjusted to highly comfortable or sportily rigid according to the “comfort” or “sport” settings. It helps to judged whether the unevenness in the road should be compensated for comfort or more feedback should be respond.

Since the road surface scan is a camera-based system, it is functioning well in the day in conditions of good visibility and it’s not quick witted enough to catch subtler potholes and such.



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