Mercedes-Benz: Night Visual Technology

According to research by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) five times as many pedestrians are killed on poor lit country roads at night than the day.

You can see, only when the light come to your eyes. Because the human eye lacks a tapetum lucidum, we have poor sight vision at night. With the night view assist system, it using infrared headlamps illuminates the road surface in darkness and then displays it in the instrument cluster.

This infrared technology is more advanced than the traditional thermal imaging systems, which can not only detect “warm” objects such as people and animal but also the “cold” obstacles such as stones or loads. Any obstacles detected will be clearly highlighted in the night view image.


The infrared camera is located at the top of the windscreen inside the vehicle. With the human invisible infrared light, it will not dazzling the oncoming traffic. And it solved the oncoming vehicles dazzling light problem, even when the high beam seriously impairing the driver vision.

The spotlight function is additionally used with the night view assist system. It can flash at any pedestrians it detects in order to warn both the driver and the pedestrians. And the flashing light will not dazzle the oncoming traffic.



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