Mercedes-Benz: PreSafe System

According to the research based on the car accident, the time between collision found to the tragedy happened is more than one second. However, the existing safety measures all can be reacted within 0.001 second, such as electronic seat belt pre-tensioners and safety airbag. The time is not fully used, so it still has a lot of potential safety technology to explore.

The new pre-safe brake from Mercedes-Benz can detect a potential rear-end collision and automatically brakes the car before it. As a result, the pre-safe brakes, together with the brake assist plus, can in a large degree prevent the collision or reduce the severity of the accident.


The cutting-edge radar technologies from Mercedes-Benz can identity an impending accident. As the Daimler official website puts it, “two short-range radar sensors located behind the front bumper panels, with a scanning angle of 80 degree monitor the area up to 30 meters in front of the car.” And “the long-range radar behind the radiator grille is able to provide both long-range coverage, 200m, 18 degrees angle and mid-range coverage,60m, 60 degree”


After identified and calculated time of a potential rear-end collision, it takes actions immediately. Firstly, it has a visual and acoustic warning and offers a commensurate brake power when driver step on the brake. If the driver fails to notice the signal, and the danger is approaching, the pre-safe brake will automatically initiate partial braking. 0.6 seconds before the accident, the system initiates autonomous emergency braking to reduce the severity of the impact.


Collision happens. With the sensor detecting a heavy oversteer or understeer, the pre-safe triggers electronic seat belt pre-tensioners and neck pro active head restraints, in additionally, with almost closure of side windows and the sunroof.


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