Investigation of Mercedes Benz brand



When it comes to Benz, its rich automotive brand culture will come up into people’s mind. As a car manufacture company, who have experienced more than hundreds years, people always relate Benz to comfort, luxury and high quality. Statistic shows, the company makes about 159.986 billion dollars annually, ranking the fifth among fortune 500 companies in 2000. And the Mercedes Benz ranks another tenth among world top100 brand, by 21.37billion dollars annually by American business week in 2003. The company has been produced more than 19 million Mercedes car for over 6.4 million clients all across the world.


It used to be lots of different car manufactures in the world, with different styles and qualities. What is the essential thing to keep Mercedes Benz everlasting for more than 100 years? Every product may experience periods through growing, developing, mature, and declining. The sales volumes and the profits are varied by different periods of the products. And in the different periods, its brand may leave varies impressions on its customs.


The brand recognition period

In 1890, the Daimler Company founded. In 1883, the first car in the world from Benz Company was given birth. These two car manufactures had developed very fast. As the development of all  car manufactures in car industry, the giants two company seized the opportunities and jointed together in 1926, which is also the start of the so-called Mercedes Benz today.


The brand growth state

After the two companies joint together, the Mercedes Benz have welcomed its boost developing period. During the World War II, the company’s 770K bullet-proof car got big welcome by the Nazi. And the company got the support by Hitler. All though the war period brought severe impact to all industries, the Mercedes Benz Company survived from it. From the year 1946, after the World War II, the company develops steady and smoothly.


On the road to maturity

After the World War II till now, the company is on the road to maturity. Its brand leaves a good impression on people. In 1988, the Mercedes Benz have joint with the America Chrysler company. Besides its C-class, E-class, S-class and SL-class, the company also had developed its A-CLASS and V-class to meet the basic need of normal income people.



The luxury S-class is focused on the CEO, or the high manager. Combined with lots of newly developed technology, this series is safe, luxury, classical and is also the status symbol. SLK is focused on the successful business women; this sport series has elegant aerodynamic body and bright color. And the A-class is focused on the family-car. It has spacious inner space, and has safe technology. From the examples, we got known the company is focused on the customer-oriented to develop its driving performers and safety technology with high quality.


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