Mercedes high technology on safety

The reason affect a choice on buying cars for man is mainly performance, for women is safety. Nowadays, people are caring more and more about the safety issue. The Mercedes Company is never satisfied by the standard safety, as all his high quality on every part of its body, the technology on the safe filed can please even picky customers.


Let’s have a look on its safety technology

Pre-safe system: The new pre-safe brake from Mercedes-Benz can detect a potential rear-end collision and automatically brakes the car before it. As a result, the pre-safe brakes, together with the brake assist plus, can in a large degree prevent the collision or reduce the severity of the accident.


Active blind sport assist: A blind spot in a vehicle can be the reason to cause car accident. It occurs in both front and behind the driver. If it detects a car moving towards from a parallel lane, the active blind sport assist allow a warning lamp in the exterior mirror will remind you. Then the driver still fail to notice the warning signal, it will flash and then come along with a warning signal sounds. Then the active blind spot assist will intervene by adapt its braking accordingly. Via the electronic stability program ESP, it may help the customers avoid a collision.


Attention assist system: even driving the world safest car in the road, the long journey may still cause accident. This technique is focusing on long journey protection measurement. The attention assist system functions at taking note on the first minutes of driving parameters, recording the driving habit and then monitoring the steering wheel movements and the steering speed. Then the data is continuously compared with the current steering behavior.


Lane keeping system: Lane keeping assist increases the driving safety. It warns you leaving the lane unintentionally. There are two main types of systems: lane departure warning, LDW and lane keeping system, LKS. A camera in the inside of the windscreen films the markings on the pavement as you drive. An electronic control unit keeps recording of the camera data and the driving habit in order to decide whether the lane change is intentional or not.


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