Mercedes Consumers

Consumer buying behavior is the ways of buying and disposing of goods, services, ideas or experiences by the individuals, groups and organizations in order to satisfy their needs and wants.


1 the enterprise culture influence

It has been more than 100 years, since the Benz Company made the first car. During the 100 years, a lot of car manufactures boom and fade away. Mercedes Benz is one of the most successful car brands among them. Nowadays, Mercedes Benz is the symbol of high quality and high status, belonging to the upper class. And the Benz Viano MPV is a well-known diploma car. That all shows the company has successfully positioned its products at upper class.When consumer makes buying behavior, they will usually consider their identity and status. If the company can make its products or the brands as a symbol of status, it will attract specific status of consumers. The Mercedes luxury series very much meet the demand of the entrepreneur of old-generation. In this way, it becomes the trend among successful people.


2 Individual factors

The individual factors are consisting of the consumer’s education background, culture tradition, way of life, economic income and so on. Among these factors, the discretionary income, saving, properties are the crucial factors, which decide the consumer behaviour. Every year, the company spends 400 million dollars on scientific research to develop new technology and high quality to maintain its slogan, the best or nothing. It is not only a luxury car but also a practical car. Its mid-range car is relatively more expensive than the other brand, but it can drive at least 200,000 miles away. Including the auto repair, it is not that expensive.


The consumer of Mercedes Benz is mostly the high educated, high life quality and high income group. In other buying house or car purchasing, they have higher pursuit.


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